Didn't have time to finish text: much of this is a direct answer to some specific comments on OboeBBoard.
To be finished soon.

Don't be fooled by the apparent complexity of my sketches: it is very easy to scrape this way, just very hard to explain in written text and drawings. Note also that they are figurative: you won't see exactly this when backlighting (or translucence compared to an dark bellied placque), but you will get the impression of this. Even the very short-scraped French reeds will do this to some extent.
You can get the "impression" of 2 scketches at the same time: that's OK: it means you understand what's going on. Civil and mechanical engineering deal with tolerances and local minima/maxima. Computer and software engineering deal with methodology to solve given problems, preferably in a reusable and scalable fashion. This is why I don't do precise measurements but rather focus on the understanding of how things affect each other.